Blink-182's Mark Hoppus has had his hands in production and collaboration for some time now, working with a multitude of artists from Owl City to All Time Low, and now, the iconic frontman has dabbled in film scoring with his debut alongside engineer James Ingram for the upcoming short film, I'm Scared. You can listen to a brief clip of the four-minute score below.

The animated short, which consists entirely of stop-motion sequences, was directed and produced by Pete Levin with producers Dan Levy and Musa Brooker. The premise of the film was developed via the drawings of artist Greg "Craola" Simkins, who has been a personal friend of Hoppus for nearly 15 years now. The drawings illustrate a boy explaining the kinds of monsters and scary creatures that are hiding in the dark to his younger brother.

Simkins designed a T-shirt for Hoppus' clothing line, and when Hoppus discovered Simkins' Kickstarter in support of the film, he didn't hesitate to volunteer to compose the score which took him nearly a month to conjure. Speaking on the development of the score's content (which sounds nothing like Blink-182, for the record), Hoppus told Billboard, "Pete and Dan wanted it to sound childlike and foreboding, spooky but not scary ... I was walking this fine line between jaunty and sinister. The banjo we thought would be a good instrument because of the line it walked. We created the banjo on the keyboard. A lot of the instruments are keyboard sounds and samples."

Hoppus was also asked about the future of Blink-182, given their recent split with original founding bandmate Tom DeLonge. Hoppus claimed that the newly-formed threesome, which sees Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba replacing guitarist DeLonge, will enter the studio in August to attempt to record new music.