Brandon Flowers has unveiled the second music video to emerge from his forthcoming sophomore effort, The Desired Effect. Watch the brand-new clip for “Lonely Town” up above.

The video follows a girl as she takes advantage of her extended house-sitting stay by dancing her way through the empty home to Flowers’ new single. Naturally, she’s jamming out to the song via a Walkman cassette player with some disco mood lighting. The "Lonely Town" clip follows Flowers’ “Can’t Deny My Love” video, which arrived last month.

The Desired Effect will land in stores on May 18 via Island Records following Flowers' 2010 debut solo full-length, Flamingo. Flowers recently said he wasn’t “holding back” on his upcoming album, adding, “I just want to write the best thing I can and put it out right now.” Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Brandon Flowers, 'The Desired Effect'
Island Records

The sometime Killers frontman last dropped Battle Born with his Vegas outfit back in 2012.

The Desired Effect Tracklist
1. “Dreams Come True”
2. “Can't Deny My Love”
3. “I Can Change”
4. “Still Want You”
5. “Between Me And You”
6. “Lonely Town”
7. “Digging Up The Heart”
8. “Never Get You Right”
9. “Untangled Love”
10. “The Way It's Always Been”
11. “The Desired Effect”

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