We've always known that the Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers has some impressive vocal chops. Last week, the singer-songwriter released his peppy, dance-inspired new single, "Can't Deny My Love," from his upcoming solo album, The Desired Effect, due out May 19 via Island Records. Now, Flowers has released an official music video for the track, which you can check out above.

The video appears to draw inspiration from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, Young Goodman Brown. It starts off as a poetic narrative, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood (who plays Flowers' wife in the video). Flowers takes the lead role, leaving his Puritan village for a seemingly pointless trek through the woods, where he has a few strange encounters, leaving him confused upon awakening; it kind of looks like scenes straight out of HBO's Deadwood.

The Killers, who released Battle Born back in 2012, are currently on a break of sorts while Flowers attends to his solo work. He has been making his rounds with the new single, recently appearing on Fallon to perform "Can't Deny My Love." You can get details on The Desired Effect -- and everything happening in Flowers' world -- at his official website.

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