Considering actor Michael Shannon once cited Deerhoof as the band he would most like to be trapped with on an island, it’s no surprise he’s now in the band’s video for ‘Exit Only.’

As if Shannon’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ character (fundamentalist Bureau of Prohibition agent Nelson Van Alden) isn’t terrifying enough, Shannon takes on two roles in the new Deerhoof video (above): One sports headphones blasting the track from the band's latest album, ‘La Isla Bonita,’ and the other glasses-wearing, book-reading Shannon character can’t seem to deal with the noise and proceeds to go insane. He even loses some teeth along the way. All ends well, though, when guitarist Ed Rodriguez bursts through the wall to rescue the latter Shannon from, well, himself.

Check out Shannon’s incredible range of wildly scary facial expressions in the video above or watch him play a slightly funnier character in the Nick Offerman-directed video for Tweedy's 'Low Key' below: