In what is one of the coolest promotions we’ve come across in a long time, Polyvinyl Records has partnered with Deerhoof, Of Montreal, Ducktails, Crooked Fingers and eight more artists for a vinyl experience like none other.

“We sent [a] Tascam 4-track cassette recorder to the first artist, they recorded two songs to tape, then mailed the recorder to the next artist to do the same,” Polyvinyl’s website says.

So what happens with the music once it’s recorded to tape?

People who subscribe to the ‘4-Track Singles Series Vol. 2’ (yes, this is the second time Polyvinyl has done this) will receive a new 7-inch every month with those songs from the 4-track recorder. In addition, subscribers get a custom box to store all 12 7-inches.

The songs are exclusive to the singles -- each recording is a never-before-released track. They’ll all be pressed on a different color each month, as well, and all the songs will be available to subscribers digitally.

So, want in on this action? Visit Polyvinyl’s website here for all the details -- for a limited time, they are giving away subscriptions at the early bird rate of $110.

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