As Brooklyn-based indie rockers Lightouts gear up to release their new maxi-single next week, Diffuser is thrilled to debut their cover of one of post-punk’s most definitive bands, Joy Division. You can stream Lightouts interpretation of “Interzone” in the audio player below.

This particular rendition of “Interzone” was inspired by the RCA demo version of the original song, a track guitarist Gavin Rhodes says is “more raw than the studio version, it sounds like there’s a feral beast howling on the moors of some desolate land.”

New lead singer Skip Greer -- who also currently fronts the Dead Kennedys -- adds to Rhodes’ sentiments, “Joy Division is the very definition of post-punk. They always have been. I was exposed to ‘Substance’ and ‘Warsaw,’ all those songs much more than I was exposed to things like ‘Unseen Pleasures.’ What I like about this song is that there’s always that under-pinning to Joy Division that is actually very similar to the Doors ... there’s a whole bunch of car driving and whole bunch of that kind of passenger stuff, a whole bunch of that Jim Morrison poetic-ness.”

Lightouts’ new maxi-single -- "More Than Ever" b/w "All We Had" and packed with their Joy Division cover -- hits the streets on March 10. You can get details on the release, and everything happening in Lightouts' world, at their official website.

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