When Dark Side of the Rainbow truthers began pairing Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz, the synchronicity between the Pink Floyd album and the 1939 film felt unsettling. Faith No More take a stab at that same kind of unnerving union in their new video for “Separation Anxiety” -- and they pull it off exceedingly well.

The alt-metal outfit’s latest Sol Invictus single “Separation Anxiety” now serves as the soundtrack to the 1955 movie Daughter of Horror in the newly minted clip. The video opens and closes with the film’s haunting narration (it concludes: “Only a dream; a dream of madness on a dark night -- or was it?”), and the song’s lurching arrangement and frontman Mike Patton’s demented vocal performance feel like a completely apropos connecting thread between the two bookends. Check it out above (via Noisey).

Sol Invictus -- Faith No More’s first album since 1997’s Album of the Year -- landed back in May via Ipecac. The comeback nearly 20 years in the making is one of our favorite musical moments of the year, with the album landing on our list of the 50 best albums of 2015.

"Separation Anxiety" follows videos for Sol Invictus' "Sunny Side Up" and "Superhero."

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