It was just earlier this year that Father John Misty (a.k.a. J. Tillman) dropped his sophomore effort, I Love You, Honeybear -- one of 2015’s 10 best-selling albums on vinyl so far -- but according to a new interview, the former Fleet Foxes drummer has already written a follow-up.

After the soul-bearing fare of Honeybear, Tillman says he’s ready to move on. “I have no interest in writing about love anymore,” he told NME. “I’m kind of worn out on that.”

“I’ve written my next album,” he continued. “I feel like writing about intimacy afforded me a really unexpected level of clarity and turning that perspective outward, that’s essentially what the next album’s all about.”

The singer went on to cite Honeybear’s “Bored in the U.S.A.” and “Holy S—” as indicative of what his third LP will sound like. He even jested that he already has his fourth album mapped out, too, saying it will be “pure vodka.”

Tillman also noted that his growth as a writer between his 2012 debut, Fear Fun, and Honeybear has been significant.

“At the time I wrote Fear Fun, I was convinced that all I could really write about was getting f---ed up and being bummed out about it, and I thought anything outside of that was out of my depth,” he said. “I was really surprised at the outcome of going to such unchartered territory for myself with this one.”

Watch Tillman’s entire conversation with NME in the video above.

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