Our favorite drama queen Fiona Apple is sorry ... so sorry!

The enigmatic singer apologized for last week's Texas weed and hash bust while onstage at the House of Blues in New Orleans last night (Sept. 25.) Despite the fact that she was saying she was sorry, Apple didn't sound all that remorseful about her legal troubles. She sounded more annoyed by the press coverage surrounding the incident and the headaches that have come along with the arrest.

She also rescinded earlier comments that she kept a lock box which contained her records of the abuse she claims to have sustained at the hands of the arresting officers.

TMZ captured video of the apology from the show. Before launching into her set, the petite singer told the crowd, "This record with me ... I'm really sorry ... All the work we did is being overshadowed by this bulls---."

Well, we hate to remind her that the bulls--- of which she speaks was brought on by no one other than herself, especially since the authorities claim that Apple admitted the drugs belonged to her.

Speaking of Apple admissions, she also confessed, "There are no f---ing lock boxes. I didn't make up a code. It was my way to make a parallel between the self. I am not that f---ed up."

Let's hope Apple can put this behind her and continue to do what she does best: sing.

Watch Onstage Video of Fiona Apple Apologizing for Her Arrest