If you were around during the '90s, then you probably remember liking the Flaming Lips song 'She Don't Use Jelly' for a little while before becoming sick of it. It was everywhere after the video got the 'Beavis and Butt-Head' treatment. Beavis said in a historic moment of observation, "Uh oh, I think this is college music." Butt-Head replied ever-so astutely, "You can tell 'cause that dude has orange hair."

"That dude" would grow up to become naked music video star and Miley Cyrus bestie Wayne Coyne. He seemed so young then. His face conveyed the feeling that you're watching the spirit of an innocent baby who's been thrust into a man's body and given a guitar. He, as a baby in a man's body, must be singing and playing guitar purely from muscle memory. It's almost good, but also kinda bad in a "No, buddy, you sound great! Keep it up!" sorta way.

But his innocence ultimately sells the above performance from 'Late Night With David Letterman' in 1995. And It doesn't hurt that this song is catchy as hell. That slide guitar part is at least half of the reason the song is so good. But it's also probably mostly to blame for the track's ear-worm quality. 'She Don't Use Jelly,' while being a great song, is one of the worst culprits of sticking in your brain all day. If you've never experienced this problem, just watch this video right before bed and see how long it takes you to get to sleep.

It's definitely possible to be a Flaming Lips fan but not like 'Jelly.' The band has gone through a handful of sonic overhauls since this tune put them on the map. But even if you aren't a fan of the song, you have to acknowledge that it's what got the Lips noticed and gave them the chance to make albums like 'The Soft Bulletin' and 'Embryonic.' 'She Don't Use Jelly' was such a hit for the band, it landed them an appearance on legendary '90s drama 'Beverly Hills 90210.'