Hopefully you’ve been enjoying Diffuser.fm’s daily free MP3 downloads, one of the newest daily features added to our site. With so many great indie and alternative bands out there eager to share their latest tunes, we’ve been tracking down as much free music as we can for our readers.

And now, we bring you all seven of the free MP3 downloads we’ve posted in the last week, packaged in one handy .zip file. Read a little about each song below, and at the bottom of the page, click the download button to get the .zip — something we call the Diffuser.fm Friday Free MP3 Mixtape.

Act As If, 'Oh My My' -- Act As If mastermind Peter Verdell, a former A&R at emo-centric Drive-Thru Records, veers more towards radio-friendly synth pop on his band's new EP, 'The Iron Is Hot,' and its lead single, 'Oh My My.' “[It's] a song about falling in love at first sight, in an almost cinematic way where ... the rest of reality doesn’t seem to exist.," he says of the tune.

Pill Hill, 'The Gamer' -- "The world would be better without ... auto tune," Pill Hill frontman Dan Fowlds tells Diffuser.fm, and if nothing else that point is obvious with one listen to 'The Gamer,' which falls somewhere between folk-tinged Americana and a tune on heavy rotation at your favorite Wild West saloon.

Natural Child,'Derek's Blues' -- Heroes of their local Nashville scene, Natural Child are naturals at having a good time. 'Derek's Blues' is an upbeat party jam with some serious Southern rock grooves that are sure to get you up and hopping. "The guitar solos can be translated into Eric Clapton’s life story," notes the band.

Mayda, 'Panthers' -- Mayda makes the kind of epic, infectious pop music that gets people noticed. Not surprisingly, the South Korean transplant has earned a bit of buzz -- and comparisons to Madonna -- thanks to her debut full-length, ‘Tusk in Furs,' and Panther seems poised to be a crossover hit.

Gentleman Reg, 'The Declaration' -- The first thing you notice about Gentlemen Reg is his intriguingly androgynous voice, which on this slow-burning electro-groove is paired nicely with the silky vocals of backing singer-keyboardist Kelly McMichael.

Freeze-Tag, 'Eskimo' -- "I like to eat jazz and listen to candy," enthuses electronica artist Marcus Alan Ward, summing up his approach to life nicely. "‘Eskimo’ is candy.” It's also a song that oddly enough manages to sneak in some jazz flourishes, adding nicely to its ambient leanings.

Brass Bed, 'A Bullet for You' -- It may not be the cheeriest song in the world, but listen closely and 'A Bullet for You' may resonate on a different emotional  level. "It speaks universally to those who feel like what they want most is too hard to get, but that to stop striving would destroy their identity," explains singer Christiaan Mader.

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