Hopefully you’ve been enjoying Diffuser.fm’s daily free MP3 downloads. With so many great indie and alternative bands out there eager to share their latest tunes, we’ve been tracking down as much free music as we can for our readers.

And now, we bring you all seven of the free MP3 downloads we’ve posted in the last week, packaged in one handy .zip file. Read a little about each song below, and at the bottom of the page, click the download button to get the .zip — something we call the Diffuser.fm Friday Free MP3 Mixtape.

Harts, 'All Too Real' -- Aussie multi-instrumentalist Darren Hart created this solo project with his surname as a bedroom recording project that doesn't sound like one. Check out 'All Too Real' from his new ‘Offtime’ EP, which looks past the lo-fi aesthetic for a synth-based dance sound in the tradition of latter-era Passion Pit.

Agent Ribbons, 'Family Haircut' -- Charting the intersection of Grizzly Bear, First Aid Kit and fuzzed-out classic rock -- or aping '90s cuddle core band Cub and adding nuanced arrangements, take your pick --  Agent Ribbons could be on their way to big things. "'Family Haircut' is a nocturnal flying-bicycle ride with school girls setting lyrics to Pachelbel Canon in D in the style of the first Shins record," raves Natalie Ribbons.

Lili Haydn, 'Tyrant' -- Violinist Lili Haydn is no newbie to the scene, having toured with the likes of  Sting and Robert Plant, not to mention being called “the Jimi Hendrix of the violin" by none other than P-Funk legend George Clinton. 'Tyrant ' is off  her fourth solo album, 'I Am a Man,' which drops early next year.

Sweet Lights, 'A Hundred Needle Pins' -- Sweet Lights principal Shai Halperin toured with the likes of the Walkmen and the Pixies with his former band, the Capitol Years, and now he's back with a new project and its debut album, ‘Sweet Lights, Sweet Lights.' "Of course the song is about drugs," he says of 'Needle Pins.' Of course.

Tashaki Miyaki, 'Best Friend' -- California dream-pop duo Tashaki Miyaki have Mazzy Star, Galaxy 500 -- and maybe a little latter-day Velvet Underground -- on the mind with 'Best Friend,' their latest single.

Sad Robot, 'Hold On' -- Sad Robot may as well be lighting off fireworks with 'Hold On,' the epic, goosebump inducing new single from the Los Angeles power trio. "“We wrote ‘Hold On’ to give the listener a sense of hope," frontwoman Katherine Pawlak says of the track. "I wanted to communicate a message of ‘Don’t run from your problems — defy the struggle — then let it go.'"

Mourner, 'Darkest of Dreams' -- Minneapolis-based five-piece  hardcore act Mourner deliver the goods with 'Darkest of Dreams,' the first single from their forthcoming new album, ‘The Rising End.' “[It] is an account of events occurring in dreams while experimenting with hallucinogens," frontman Jim Adolphson says of the track. 'Nuff said.

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