In case you didn't know, Grimes wrote a song for Rihanna, and you can listen to it right now. The Canadian electronic artist teamed with EDM producer Blood Diamonds to write 'Go' for the massive pop star.

Unfortunately, Rihanna decided not to take Grimes up on the song. So, Grimes then announced via her Twitter that she'd be debuting the rejected tune live.

Grimes just made the studio version of 'Go' available via Soundcloud. She said in a press release, “It’s our summer jam so we figured we should put it out cuz I am very bored of waiting to finish my album b4 releasing new music haha."

You can listen to it here:

'Go' is a sugary sweet radio-friendly song, but it still retains all of the elements that make Grimes so fun to listen to. This sort of song could help improve the overall quality of sounds coming from the Top 40 radio right now, which is woefully lacking in substance and style.

On her Tumblr page, Grimes also revealed a couple of new press photos taken by her brother, Mac Boucher. She described them as " ... an anime elf assassin who is a big fan of dolly parton and patsy cline." She also released artwork she drew herself for the single.

Grimes' new album is scheduled to come out in September.