Looks like Haim took more than just sound advice from their recent appearance on the web series of SNL's Vanessa Bayer (check out the duo on 'Sound Advice' in the video below).

If there's any truth to a teaser posted, the band of sisters have recruited Bayer to appear in their upcoming video for 'My Song 5,' another cut from their breakthrough 2013 debut, 'Days Are Gone.'

In the brief clip, Bayer plays a daytime talk show host -- not all that far removed from her 'Sound Advice' role as a clueless publicist who's provided horrible advice to Haim and other musicians from TV On the Radio to Tegan and Sara.

Check out the teaser for 'My Song 5':

After some touring this month, the trio said they'll begin work on their sophomore effort. "This is the first time we’ve ever written on the road,” said Alana Haim. “We’re going home in a month to start recording. I promise record two won’t come in six years, it’ll come very soon.”

Watch Haim's Episode of 'Sound Advice'