Last year, St. Vincent released her stunning self-titled album that has certainly gained her worldwide attention, so much so that the Walkmen's Peter Matthew Bauer chose its track "Prince Johnny" for his cover contribution to the Amazon Acoustics playlist. You can watch Bauer putting his own spin on the track above (courtesy of Stereogum).

During an interview with Amazon, which you can also view below, Bauer stated: "I chose her song 'Prince Johnny' because it was one of my favorite songs in the last few years. Because it’s so not acoustic, I thought it’d be fun to arrange it in a completely different way. I heard the song on the radio when it first came out; it was a single off her record. It was the first St. Vincent song that I really got attached to. It’s a big hit around the house. I got a little five-year-old girl who’s very heavily into St. Vincent."

The playlist features cover songs from a slew of other artists including Surfer Blood who stripped-down OutKast's "Hey Ya!," Ashley Monroe who covers John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses," and 30 other artists including Bauer's bandmate Hamilton Leithauser, acoustically reinterpreting popular tracks, along with some unreleased originals such as Deer Tick's "Grandfather Song."

You can now purchase the complete Amazon Acoustics playlist, as well as individual tracks, via, well, Amazon of course.

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