Some people are terrified of ghosts, others are scared of the creepy guy who starts chasing you down the street with a butcher knife. Henry Rollins proves that the sound of his voice is just as -- if not more -- scary than all of that.

The former Black Flag frontman will be lending his vocals as the voice of the killer in the upcoming film, 'In the House of Flies.' After viewing the trailer (below), it doesn't sound like Rollins is really doing anything different; that nonchalant yet confident tone in his voice is exactly what sends chills down your spine, though.

"On television, you see children from all over the world suffering from hunger, suffering from disease, suffering from war and poverty," Rollins says in character. "Did you ever do anything to help any of them?"

The film follows a young couple who are mysteriously abducted, and then locked in a room with no food or water except for whatever the man on the other side of the phone gives them. The thriller was an official selection of the British Horror Film Festival and was in the iTunes Top 50 when it was released digitally.

'In the House of Flies' will be released on DVD -- which includes a 45-minute documentary on the making of the film along with other special features -- on Jan. 20. You can pre-order your copy here.

Check out the trailer for 'In the House of Flies' below: