Henry Rollins brought good tidings to The Late Show last night (Dec. 16) when he joined forces with Stephen Colbert for an extremely original (and screamy) rendition of “Carol of the Bells.”

Colbert simply introduced the musical segment of his show as “A Very Rollins Christmas” before the host opened the Christmas classic with a very traditional take. But then Rollins enters, brutally spitting out the choruses and thrashing about the stage. Watch Colbert and the Black Flag leader -- both decked out in matching, illuminated Christmas sweaters, of course -- crush their performance in the video above.

As Colbert noted afterward, Rollins stars in the forthcoming film He Never Died, which lands in theaters tomorrow. That's the movie trailer at the bottom of the page; it can only be described as some kind of supernatural, black comedy, neo-noir, gory hybrid.

He Never Died -- Official Movie Trailer