Henry Rollins has always been an outspoken activist for human rights and social justice, and now, he’s thrown his two cents at the 2016 election cycle. Unsurprisingly, the Black Flag frontman isn’t a “Trump fan at all.”

“I’m not a Trump fan at all, but he will say what’s on his mind,” Rollins told the Daily Beast. “Like, ‘No more Muslims!’ You just said that. And of course in this country, a lot of people agree.”

Some of Trump’s other outrageous antics, however, Rollins can’t help but find humorous. “Trump, one day he held up his cellphone and said, ‘Here’s Lindsey Graham’s number!’” he continued. “I could not not laugh. That was funny.”

Rollins doesn’t believe Trump is a serious candidate (despite maintaining a firm grip on GOP poll leads for the better part of six months), but rather a billionaire with too much time on his hands. “He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time I don’t think he wants to be president,” Rollins said. “I think he’s a bored rich guy just being crass.”

And though Rollins didn’t add his name to the long list of musicians supporting Bernie Sanders for president, he did say the Vermont senator would get his vote -- he just doesn’t think Sanders stands a chance. “Oh, he’ll never get elected,” Rollins said. “I like him, because I think he’s a straight shooter. I love his progressive ideas about health care, election campaign reform, and foreign policy. I’ve always liked him because he’s honest to a fault. He’s a true statesman."