Last week when Henry Rollins visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the Black Flag leader and late-night host updated “Carol of the Bells” with the frontman’s deep-simmering wrath and screams. In a web-only extra, Rollins proves that same rage rears its head in his every holiday tradition.

Rollins ever so delicately places the last bit of frosting on a charming gingerbread house in the clip before looking over his creation with satisfaction. Then he destroys said gingerbread house, consuming it with a certain amount of fervor. See for yourself in the video above.

Prior to his performance of “Carol of the Bells,” Rollins sat down with Colbert to discuss the unique ways in which he celebrates Christmas. “I’m a microwave solo act in my utilitarian man box in Los Angeles for Christmas,” Rollins said. “Food from the store goes into the microwave. I eat it. I listen to records and curse the darkness.” (He makes sure to note he’s not waging a “war on Christmas.”)

“It’s not a cry for help,” Rollins adds. “I’m fine.” Watch that conversation below: