Tim Burton's upcoming movie, 'Frankenweenie,' is a 3D remake of a short film Burton made in 1984 about a boy who brings his dog back to life. Although the movie won't be in theaters until Oct. 5, the soundtrack, 'Frankenweenie Unleashed!' -- which will be released on Sept. 25 -- features a song by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"There's a magic and nostalgia in this film that reminded me of being raised on Tim Burton's catalog," O told Rolling Stone about 'Strange Love,' which plays over the closing credits (and can be streamed at Pitchfork). "I was thinking, 'Oh yeah, this man shaped my artistic sensibility over the past 20 years alongside thousands of other impressionable offbeat youths.'"

As a way of repaying Burton, O fashioned the song as sort of a tribute to Burton's influence on her. "I went in the direction of exotica and calypso stylistically because it's quirky, good vibes music of that era," she continued. "And when you throw in a Theremin solo, it's a marriage made in heaven. I remember 'Beetlejuice' introducing me to the genius of Harry Belafonte's calypso record, so I wanted to give a nod to that, too."

The rest of the soundtrack is an indie lover's dream. In addition to O, Passion Pit, Robert Smith of the Cure, Neon Trees and Mark Foster of Foster the People have recorded songs. There is also a collaboration between Grace Potter and the Flaming Lips called 'My Mechanical Friend.'

'Frankenweenie Unleashed!' Soundtrack:

1. Karen O, 'Strange Love'
2. Neon Trees, 'Electric Heart (Stay Forever)'
3. Mark Foster, 'Polartropic (You Don't Understand Me)'
4. Passion Pit, 'Almost There'
5. Plain White T's, 'Pet Sematary'
6. Kimbra, 'With My Hands'
7. AWOLNATION, 'Everybody's Got a Secret'
8. Kerli, 'Immortal'
9. Grace Potter With the Flaming Lips, 'My Mechanical Friend'
10. Imagine Dragons, 'Lost Cause'
11. Grouplove, 'Underground'
12. Skylar Grey, 'Building a Monster'
13. Robert Smith, 'Witchcraft'
14. Winona Ryder, 'Praise Be New Holland"='