It must be the week for Brit-pop bands and reunions, no? A few days after one super-popular group hinted at getting back together, another one began teasing fans. And it looks like at least one of those bands will be reuniting ... at least temporarily.

Last weekend, trouble magnet Pete Doherty spilled the beans about the Libertines getting back together for a show this summer. But seeing that he's usually high or drunk, very few people put much stock in his babbling to an Israeli newspaper.

But it turns out that Doherty wasn't just hallucinating: The Libertines will be performing one show together in London this summer, according to NME. They'll headline the British Summer Time festival on July 5. The Pogues and Spiritualized are also scheduled to perform.

The last time the Libertines played together in concert was at the Reading and Leeds festivals in 2010. Their history is a rocky one, to say the least. After releasing a pair of albums in 2002 and 2004, the British band began falling apart in very spectacular, and public, ways, including an incident where Doherty -- high on crack, heroin and who knows what else -- broke into a bandmate's apartment and stole some items.

Needless to say, this has caused some tension among the group.

But if they can hold things together for the next few months, it looks like this reunion will probably happen. And if their 2010 reunion is any indication, it might be worth checking out.