The Libertines will drop their third full-length, Anthems For Doomed Youth, this fall, and apparently, the English rockers are all on board to record a fourth album, too.

In an interview conducted by Jon McClure (a.k.a. the Reverend of Reverend and the Makers) and Hector Bizerk rapper Louie for the BBC, the Libertines all sounded game to keep their reunion going following the September release of Anthems For Doomed Youth. When McClure asked if the band was “remarried for good,” Carl Barat responded, “You know how a wedding works, Jon. It’s a fickle thing. But you know, you’ve got to enjoy every moment, haven’t you?”

When asked if they would make another album, the four bandmates were all in agreement, with Pete Doherty adding, “As soon as possible.”

The news aligns with Barat’s previous statements that he has shifted his focus from his work with the Jackals -- who released Let It Reign earlier this year -- to the Libertines. “When I’m back in a room with [the Libertines], that’s all that exists,” he said. “We have history, and songs that we can just lie back and fall into.”

Anthems for Doomed Youth will arrive in stores Sept. 4, following their 2004 eponymous effort and their 2002 debut, Up the Bracket. The Libertines released a music video for the forthcoming LP’s lead single, “Gunga Din,” earlier this month.

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