Writing songs for someone you have a crush on isn't a new concept. However, Philadelphia's Cold Fronts recently showed their love for Alana Haim -- the youngest member of the sisterly pop rock band Haim -- in a very public way.

Affectionately calling it "Baby Haim," after the guitarist and keyboard player's Twitter handle, the track is an upbeat rock song that you will easily get into. The video also shows just how much love the Philadelphia gives the Haim member by sharing the lyrics so we can all sing along to the video above.

"Oh Baby Haim / Wish you were mine / I see you up on the TV / Why won't you be with me this time / Oh Baby Haim, you look so fine / You blow my mind / My lady Baby Haim," sings Cold Fronts' lead singer Craig Almquist.

Craig initially brought attention to the track by starting a conversation with Alana on social media. She liked the song so much that she responded on Twitter, and the two had a bit of a banter. While the track also highlights big sister Este's bass face, she also jokingly called Craig out for doing the song "without her permission" then asks for the rock band to write a song for her.

See the Twitter conversation below:

Cold Fronts are currently doing their rounds at SXSW and will also be playing shows around the U.S. till the end of April. You can find their tour dates here. Meanwhile Haim recently did a collaboration with DJ and producer Calvin Harris for his latest LP, Motion, and will heading out on tour with Taylor Swift this summer.