In 2013, Lostprophets founding member Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to a slew of underage sexual charges. After that, the question that seemed impossible to answer was what would become of the Welsh rock act? Today (July 1), that question is answered as Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly announced a new band with the remaining members of Lostprophets called No Devotion.

Along with the announcement released by Rickly's record company, Collect Records, the band unveiled their first song, a sort of electro glam rock tune called 'Stay.' You can listen to the track below. On July 21, 'Stay' will be released as a 12-inch single backed with the B-side 'Eyeshadow.' Both songs are currently available on iTunes.

The band made a lengthy statement via its press release, detailing how they were not even sure if they would ever play music again after what happened. Fortunately for the bandmates and fans alike, they had been working on some instrumental tracks that caught the ear of Rickly and their ideas came together and "perfectly aligned."

In addition to their new music, No Devotion have announced a tour of sorts in the U.K. The band will hit Cardiff, Manchester, London and Glasgow near the end of July. Get complete details here.

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