The creepy children from M83's 'Midnight City' video are back for more. Today, the group unveiled the clip for 'Reunion,' which serves as a sequel, with the same cast of kids with glowing eyes causing trouble (or trying to avoid it, depending on your interpretation).

'Reunion' opens with a shot of the kids standing together, followed by a quick cut to a wheelchair-bound girl with nodes attached to her head, as if she's communicating telepathically with the other children. When she gives an angry look, one of the kids suddenly begins transmitting a huge beam of light from atop a tall building.

When she stops glowing, the child shows no signs of life, so the other four kids take off, pursued by an ominous-looking SUV. The driver of the vehicle gets out, raises the truck into the air and hurls it toward the kids using mind control. But one boy uses his own paranormal abilities to stop the truck and fire it right back, with the help of several other kids who show up on the scene.

After the battle, the kids end up in church, and the girl in the wheelchair can suddenly walk again. What does it all mean? There's a lot of lingering mystery surrounding the plot, which is probably what directors Fleur and Manu intended. Watch carefully, and you might also catch a brief glimpse of a GPS guiding a driver to Adam Yauch Avenue and Sabotage Street, a subtle Beastie Boys tribute that would make Nathaniel Hornblower proud.

'Reunion' is the latest single from M83's stellar double album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.'

Watch the M83 'Reunion' Video

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