Anybody that's seen Mac DeMarco live knows that the riotous indie-rocker has no issue mixing things up. Apparently, UC Santa Barbara didn't get that memo ahead of time as DeMarco's trademark rowdiness did not play well with campus officials Friday night (Nov. 14).

Police shut the show down twice after such terrible offenses as "moshing" and "roughhousing" occurred. The show came to a penultimate halt when DeMarco used the crowd to reach the ceiling of the venue, where officers waited to arrest him below.

Once they had their man outside, police where left scratching their heads realizing that DeMarco was actually the entertainment that night, not just a regular audience member. Regardless, the show ended right there and then.

Two more arrests were made as a 22-year-old man was reportedly attempting to goad fans and security guards into a fight and a 21-year-old woman was charged with resisting an officer. Check out a photo of Demarco being detained below, and be sure to mind your p's and q's next time you see a concert on campus!

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