The bad news is that we still have a week until Mac DeMarco releases his mini-LP Another One on Aug. 7, but the good news is that it is streaming now in its entirety, and you can give it a listen below, via NPR.

DeMarco broke the album down track-by-track and said that "Another One" is his favorite from the record, which probably explains why it serves as the title track:

"Another One" is my favorite song on the album because I'm kind of a guitar player guy, so to write songs that are all keyboard and no guitar is a new thing for me. I'm not a great piano player or anything, but I can try to bang away a little bit. Sitting down at the piano to write songs, for me, is pretty interesting. Well, I mean, on the synthesizer — I don't have a piano.

During album closer "My House by the Water," DeMarco gives out his actual current address and invites listeners over to his house to have a cup of coffee. A few days ago, though, DeMarco posted a photo to Instagram and wrote in the caption that he will be out of town for "about a #weekandahalf won't be #atmyhouse. #nocoffee," so those looking to have a mug of DeMarco joe should try later next week:

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