Mac DeMarco has actively leaned toward the bizarre in his career, so it's only natural that while he and his band are on tour in Israel, they chose to document their travels in an odd way. Earlier today (June 15), DeMarco tweeted out a strange but entertaining travel video called "too dry dudes" put together by bassist Pierce McGarry. Check it out below.

In the clip, DeMarco and the band visit the Dead Sea, cover themselves in mud and goof around in Israel while he narrates the shenanigans, in a dramatically deep voice, with cryptic lines about the dryness of salt water, "the bone ghost," "old snake skins blowing in the breeze" and repeated mantras like "deep spiritual bonds with these arid lands" and "the driest places on Earth."

The oddball nature of this video is similar to that of the promo videos he posted earlier this year for his appearances at Coachella and Field Day. He also released a short behind-the-scenes video chronicling the making of Another One, a "mini album" he will be releasing on Aug. 7.

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