On April 28, Danish experimental rockers Mew will release their seventh album, Visuals. You can check out the video for its closing track, "Carry Me to Safety," which is embedded above.

“I just like how it twists and turns,” frontman Jonas Bjerre said in a press release. “It’s a reflection on life and being in a band, what it means to be in a band, dedicating so many years of your life to this thing.”

Although the band traditionally takes three or four years between records, Visuals comes only two years after 2015's + -. But as they were touring in support of that release, they found a burst of creativity and began creating demos while still on the road. “We just felt like, 'if we do it the normal way, it’s gonna be another three or four years before we get to do it again’,” he continued. “If you keep doing it like that, ultimately you make a handful of albums and then you’re ready for retirement.”

They tracked Visuals in Copenhagen, and in keeping with the pace with which they wrote the materials, completed it in less than a year. Bjerre added that working quickly caused them to rely more on their instincts than previous efforts. “Spending less time on it, you can still maintain the feeling you had when you first wrote it, and you don’t get stuck in the quagmire of second-guessing yourself all the time,” he said.

In addition to creating the art for their albums, concert production and merchandise, Bjerre recently completed an animated sequence for the upcoming film adaptation of Martin Amis' London Fields, which stars Billy Bob Thornton, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Mew will tour Europe for 10 days in May, but they are currently planning a North American tour. You can pre-order Visuals from their website, which comes with an immediate download of "Carry Me to Safety."

Mew, 'Visuals' Track Listing

1. "Nothingness and No Regrets"
2. "The Wake of Your Life"
3. "Candy Pieces All Smeared Out"
4. "In a Better Place"
5. "Ay Ay Ay"
6. "Learn Our Crystals"
7. "Twist Quest"
8. "Shoulders"
9. "Videos"
10. "Zanzibar"
11. "Carry Me to Safety"

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