Danish alternative rockers Mew have shared a new video for their song "Witness" today (July 13), which features the band and fans the group recruited to appear in the clip via Facebook last month; they asked them to go to the Republique Theatre in Copenhagen and appear in the video, dancing around the band as they perform. Check out the video below.

Director and producer Theis Molin said of the shoot, "It was great working with the fans — so much love, affection and energy. We did 13 takes, and the intensity grew with every one.  At the end, the fans had been doing the equivalent of about two weeks worth of working out. This shoot is one to remember."

"Witness" comes from +-, the band’s sixth album, which was released on April 21. The track's fan-heavy video follows Mew's video for "The Night Believer," which features 1,000 fans from 65 different countries. The band is currently on tour until November, so check out their complete upcoming schedule at their website.