Danish alt-rockers Mew have just given fans a taste of their upcoming record with the new track, "Witness." The album, +-, will be released on April 28 via Play It Again Sam, and will be available on a variety of formats, including single-CD, double-CD, double-LP and digital download.

The upbeat single has a sunshine glow to it and will, no doubt, sound great blasting from open windows this spring and summer. +- was recorded in Copenhagen and produced by Grammy-nominated Michael Beinhorn, known for his work with the likes of Hole, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Violent Femmes.

+- is the band's first album in over six years. "There are various reasons it took us a long time to do this record," they recently told Yahoo! Music. "I think we wanted to just get it right and not be content with the first idea we got, but revisit the ideas and make sure that we felt completely satisfied in the end. I think it's our most versatile album to date."

Since their 1997 debut, A Triumph For Man, they've been called everything from pop to prog to alternative to noise merchants, but have always escaped convenient labels. "Essentially that's what you want in a band, you want to be 'you'," they explained. "I think it's a matter of the influences. We grew up on '80s pop, the good stuff -- Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys -- but there's also this need to challenge the format a little bit, and to stretch what is doable within the realms of a pop song. That's why the music often goes out on a limb."