In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Mogwai have announced a new merchandise blitz. The band have teamed up with Focus, a skateboard company based in in their native Scotland, for a series of limited edition skateboard decks and T-shirts. Part of the proceeds will go towards funding a new skate park in Port Eglinton, Scotland.

"Being a fan of Mogwai's music and knowing Stuart's (Braithwaite - guitar, vocals) love of skateboarding, I suggested the idea over a number of off the cuff emails, and here we are," said Sibs Roberts of Focus. "Hopefully people will be as stoked on this as we are."

According to the Glasgow Urban Sports website, the idea is to "create an inclusive, aesthetically intriguing public space creatively designed with artists to encourage radical urban sports including skateboarding, BMX and free-running: a synthesis of art, sport and urban realm design."

The band are also doing a series of 20th anniversary concerts throughout Europe, many of which are already sold out according to the benad's official website.

Mogwai – "Teenage Exorcists" (Official Music Video)

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