Two weeks after Arctic Monkeys expressed their opinion on Metallica's headlining Glastonbury gig, Scottish post-rock band Mogwai have a few words to share on the subject too.

But where Monkeys frontman Alex Turner pointed out that he's actually a Metallica fan, but just thought that the metal titans' set at the British music festival was kinda out of place, it turns out the five members of Mogwai probably don't own any copies of 'Master of Puppets' among them.

"I can't wait to hear that guy play the drums again -- unbelievably bad," the group's Barry Burns told Gigwise. "He's terrible."

Mogwai and Metallica will both be playing Glastonbury on the same night at the same time, but on different stages, later this month. "I just can't wait until we go all quiet and you can hear 'Enter Sandman' in the background, because we're on at the same time," said singer Stuart Braitwaite.

Still, he did admit that he doesn't "see the fuss" in the controversy surrounding Metallica's appearance at the festival. "They're a pretty big rock band, and it's a pretty big rock festival," Braitwaite said.

Then again, Mogwai's drummer, Martin Bulloch, added his own assessment of the once mighty Metallica: "They're s----" (The extra dash is there because Bulloch preferred the British pronunciation of s---, which adds an "e" at the end of the word and makes it sound a little more classy.)

Metallica are the first metal band to headline Glastonbury -- which takes place June 25-29 -- in its 44-year history. Performers this year include everyone from Arcade Fire and Jack White to the Sun Ra Arkestra and Dolly Parton.

Here's the video for 'The Lord Is Out of Control' from Mogwai's latest album, 'Rave Tapes,' in case you're not familiar with the band Metallica is going up against.

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