It took My Bloody Valentine more than 20 years to release a follow-up album to their classic 1991 record 'Loveless,' but it looks like the wait for more new music from the band might not be as long.

Then again, we've heard this before from the group's frontman, Kevin Shields, who for years had promised another album after 'Loveless' before they finally got around to releasing one -- and breaking the Internet in the process -- in early 2013.

But apparently the band is working on a new EP, according to NME, which spoke with Fields after his show in London last night. He told the publication that he's “working on some new songs at the moment,” with plans to record them sometime in October or November.

Like we said, though, Shields says things like this a lot. And he never really follows through on them. Plus, NME was speaking to him after one of My Bloody Valentine's notoriously loud concerts. So who knows if Shields actually heard what was being asked.

After a two-decade wait after 'Loveless' pretty much blew everybody's minds back around the time Nirvana was just starting to make some noise, 2013's 'mbv' almost literally appeared overnight on the band's website.

And after all that time, the music still sounded really good. Of course, with Shields' protracted work schedule, those 'mbv' songs could have originated from a month after 'Loveless' came out for all we know.

So at this point, we're not going to start counting down the release of this new My Bloody Valentine EP until probably the night before it actually comes out. Because Shields really can't be trusted. And he's been known to do these sorta things.

Here's a song from 'Loveless' to tide you over:

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