"The Preppy Scuzz" and "The Sleep Rats" face off in a game of no-pads pick-up football in the new video for 'Sails, Hermaphroditic,' a tune off Of Montreal's recent rarities collection, 'Daughter of Cloud.' The clip, which was directed by frontman Kevin Barnes' wife Nina, quickly devolves from touchdowns and tackles into unmitigated violence, with both sides attacking each other with whatever's on hand: baseball bats, shoes, fists.

Then, just as the violence reaches a gory, blood-splattered fever pitch, out of nowhere comes scenes of unhinged, erotic psychedelia, with swirling colors melting together with naked bodies to give the video its mild Not Safe for Work tag. Then, just as play resumes, another interruption: a surprise performance from fictional Newcastle hair-metal band called Moat-er-Wilde. It's the sort of wild, out-of-left-field weirdness we've come to expect from Barnes and his crew. As always with Of Montreal, expect the unexpected.

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