If you're a fan of Animal Collective or any of the members' solo work, you probably sat at your computer for hours over the weekend to listen to the radio premieres of tracks from Panda Bear's upcoming album. In case you didn't, don't worry! We have the first track, 'Sequential Circuits,' for you to listen to -- check it out below.

As we previously reported, Panda Bear launched a global radio campaign to promote his new album, 'Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper' -- set for release on Jan. 13 via Domino Records. The premieres took place in 10 different countries around the world including the U.K. and Japan (U.S. premieres take place tomorrow, Jan. 6).

"To give a little insight into the making of the album, I started writing the songs actually when we were recording the last Animal Collective album, 'Centipede Hz,'" Panda Bear told BBC 6. "We were in El Paso, and sort of as a little way to clear my brain and take a break from the stuff we've been working on during the day, I started making these pieces of music on a laptop I had and started making these drum breaks. I had a folder that I found on the internet somewhere, just some drum breaks. And I'd make up all these things and all this stuff and got excited enough about these pieces of music that I developed them into more kind of fleshed out songs."

While he cited the hip-hop beats and music he heard on the radio in Baltimore when he was a kid as an influence for the album, 'Sequential Circuits' is more of a mellowed out psychedelic track. The song has a relaxed vibe but ends on a digitally abrasive note with a robotic vocal.

Listen to the full BBC 6 interview and the premiere of 'Sequential Circuits' below:

In anticipation of the new album, Panda Bear has announced a run of tour dates as well, including a special 'Sunday Sessions' show at MoMA PS1 in Queens, N.Y., which will be streamed here. Check out the full schedule below:

Panda Bear 2015 Tour
Jan. 11: Queens, N.Y. -- MoMA PS1
March 4: London -- Brixton Electric
March 5: Brussels -- L,'Orangerie
March 6: Paris -- Gaite Lyrique
March 8: Zeewolde, the Netherlands -- Where the Wild Things Are Festival
March 10: Berlin -- Certain People at Berghain
March 11: Lisbon -- Teatro Maria Matos
March 12: Braga -- GNRation