The spotlight is back on Passion Pit after they've just recently confirmed that they're working on a new album, the first since 2012's 'Gossamer.' And today (Jan. 2), frontman Michael Angelakos has unleashed a previously unreleased demo of a sampling of a Kate Bush song, which you can hear below.

Angelakos has been releasing a bunch of demos and remixes as of late, under the name Eastern Shift, meant to represent his solo work. (He's already released a personal interpretation of a Barry Manilow track.) This demo in particular he calls 'Katie Croons' and it samples Bush’s song, 'This Woman’s Work,' from her 1989 album, 'The Sensual World.' It's basic in structure but its smooth, trancey exterior is quite attractive.

If you're a Passion Pit fan, get pumped for what 2015 will bring -- and in the meantime, check out 'Katie Croons' below: