In what may be the understatement of 2014, Pete Doherty has admitted that drugs have ruined his life. He also said that he has "caused so much crap" because of all the drugs he's stuffed into his body over the years. Duh.

In an interview the Daily Star, the Libertines frontman and trouble magnet said that his copious drug-taking has been the root of pretty much everything that went wrong with his life. "I would like to get rid of the damn drugs," he said. "It's no longer fun. On the contrary, it's just s--- and kills all my creativity. But it's difficult to stop. My past life is a f---ing mess, a real mess."

But after years of getting into one jam after another -- including jail time for breaking into one of his bandmates' apartments to getting caught on camera looking like a junkie on his deathbed -- Doherty finally sees the problems with the lifestyle. And it looks like there are plenty of regrets now -- or something close to regret that Doherty can muster.

"Its gone wrong in so many ways," he said of his life. "Although I don't believe in regrets -- 'cause that offers nothing -- but clearly some things I would like to change. I wish I had better contact with my family. I have caused so much crap."

And it looks like he's serious about all this too. Next month the Libertines will reunite for a show at London's Hyde Park, and they're warming up for it with a smaller show in Glasgow on June 29. They're also headlining the Spanish Benicàssim Festival on July 19.

"We were talking about doing some new songs," Doherty told NME. "Or even better, finishing some old songs that we always knew should have been on 'Up the Bracket' if we could have been arsed."

Last month, Doherty and his Libertines mate Carl Barat played a couple of songs on a Barcelona street. Here's some video of that: