Mad props to Rainbow Jackson for winning's April 2013 Crucial Cut of the Month contest! On the strength of their tune 'Flamingo Starr,' the self-styled "scuzzed-up power-pop" band from L.A.'s Echo Park neighborhood nabbed just over 39 percent of the vote, besting all competitors much like their namesake, former multi-sport superstar Bo Jackson, did back in the day.

Why do these scraggly West Coast dudes have such an affinity for Jackson? That's perhaps one of the questions will ask when we interview the band for the in-depth Q&A profile that comes with winning our contest. (Click here to read our piece on Ann Pragg, March's Crucial Cut winner.)

We'll likely also touch on Rainbow Jackson's new single, 'Freckles,' and the astute social commentary they sneak into songs like 'Flamingo Starr,' which singer and guitarist Chad Carlisle told us is a "loosely satirical song about the unwarranted confidence that the information age has given many creative young people."

“Living in a world with access to everything at the click of a button creates a giant sense of entitlement," Carlisle told "Everybody thinks they’re the next star about to blow up, but a every supernova creates a black hole in the end. And its a little about love."