Difficult modern-rock icon Morrissey and difficult award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis are certainly looking a lot like each other these days, don't ya think?

So what do we have here? High foreheads, graying hair and bushy eyebrows, for starters. Plus, there are those smiles that seem oh-so-painful to crack. It won't be long before people start asking Morrissey (who's 53 and comes from Lancashire) about playing Abraham Lincoln and Day-Lewis (55 and a Londoner) when the Smiths will get back together.

But it's more than just their physical appearances that tie together the two British curmudgeons. Morrissey is one of music's most notorious sourpusses, caustically dismissing peers, legends and up-and-comers with a sentence or two; Day-Lewis is one of the world's most obsessive actors, pretty much living the roles he plays while filming. Track down the stories about how he was in character during 'Lincoln''s entire shoot -- hilarious!

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