Singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten just released the second song from her upcoming album, 'Are We There,' which comes out on May 27. The song, 'Every Time the Sun Comes Up,' is the perfect music for a lonely, rainy day.

It's the right amount of melancholy mixed with a hint of what had to be a pretty great night out.

This sentiment is strengthened by the little bit of audio at the song's end, when we hear Van Etten slur-apologize because her headphones fell off. Give it a listen.

Despite the song's slow tempo and sleepy vocals, it doesn't come off as all sad -- except maybe like when you're sad because you insisted on doing shots of tequila before you stumbled out of the bar last night.

Just like the feeling in the song, that sort of sadness may fill you with regret, but it's always a short-lived regret. It usually lasts about as long as your hangover.

This is the second track Van Etten has released from her new album. The first video, 'Taking Chances,' came out earlier this month. Take a look: