Since listening to 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' is a religious expereience, it's no wonder that M83's Anthony Gonzalez lives in a house that's several kinds of temple: to the '80s, to the idea of America, and to skateboarding. He waxed nostalgic-spiritual in a Spin of his home, and we've listed half-a-dozen reasons we would like to swing by his Los Angeles-area pad for a visit below:

  1. On the at-home creative process: "If I dance alone and cry 
in my studio, there's a good chance other people are going to feel that way listening to my music."
  2. Why he has a room full of '80s movie posters and albums full of '80s synths: "To me, the '80s were the starting point to the future: colorful, creative, inspiring."
  3. Why there's a giant old French bookshelf in his living room: "I love the idea of having different time periods exist in the same place. This bookshelf is the property of my aunt's godfather. She lived in Toulouse [France] in a huge castle, and when I was very young, I would visit her in the summer. There were rabbits everywhere."
  4. On having rows and rows of Chuck Taylors: "Converse are timeless. They represent the American dream to me. I have the Pink Floyd Chuck Taylors here and the Metallica ones, too. I would love to do an M83 pair."
  5. Why he has a half pipe in his garage (!): "I got into skateboarding when I was 13 or 14. I was part of this great group — some were punk, some were death metal, but we all connected. We would hang out with homeless friends, take drugs all the time, and get drunk at three in the afternoon in the public square in the middle of the city. Those were the best years of my life!"
  6. Why he loves Los Angeles: "I feel like the sound of this album is influenced by L.A. There's something so cliché about living in Hollywood, but awesome for a French dude who knows the city from movies and TV shows. This is how I envisioned America."

M83's music is a combination of memory of the past and projection of the future, and his L.A. home houses a parallel pastiche -- and a ton of Chuck Taylors.

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