Official release dates are more or less just rough guidelines these days.

The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas is scheduled to drop his new solo album on Sept. 23, but 'Tyranny' is streaming in its entirety right now via Rolling Stone.

Casablancas recently explained the album title in a press release. "Tyranny has come in many forms throughout history," he said. "Now, the good of business is put above anything else, as corporations have become the new ruling body. Most decisions seem to be made like ones of a medieval king: whatever makes profit while ignoring and repressing the truth about whatever suffering it may cause (like pop music, for that matter)."

'Tyranny' is the first non-Strokes album Casablancas will release since 2009's 'Phrazes for the Young,' and while there are remnants of garage rock swagger, it's a far more experimental and electronic album than you might be expecting. Pre-order it here.

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