A day ahead of its official release on June 2, Sun Kil Moon's new album, Universal Themes, has been made available for streaming by the band on the band's website. Frontman Mark Kozelek paired the album stream with an interview of himself conducted by El-P. The rapper is most famously a member of hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, who less than a year ago led a chant at Fun Fun Fun Fest of "Suck my d---, Sun Kil Moon!" The warring parties buried the hatchet shortly after the incident:

On March 14, 2015, El-P and Kozelek got together and talked extensively about Sun Kil Moon's upcoming album and managed to also touch on some deeper subjects, like mortality:

I’m human like everyone else so sure and I can find myself dwelling on the woes that come with being 48, but I tend to snap out of it pretty quickly and appreciate what I have. I still live in an apartment that I shared with someone for 3 years, someone who eventually died at 34 years old. So, sitting in this very place I am, where this interview is taking place, is a daily reminder of her and what she would have given to live another year. There is a great Muhammad Ali quote: “If you’re 50 and you think the same way that you did when you were 20, then you have lost 30 years of your life.” Well, I’m pushing 50, basically – am 48 year old – and I’ve seen things happen in the last 30 years that have given me the perspective that I now have. I’m not walking around in a delusional bubble thinking that me and everyone else I know is guaranteed another 20 years, or even 10. “Curveballs”, as my friend Jude said. Jude is the widow of drummer Tim Mooney. He died at 53.

Stream Universal Themes here and read the rest of the interview here. The album comes out tomorrow (June 2) via Caldo Verde.

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