With so many bands headed to Austin this week for SXSW 2013, it's inevitable that more than a few have contributed to Diffuser.fm's ongoing (and most excellent) series of free daily MP3 downloads. Still, there are so many events scheduled -- everything from high-profile, officially-sanctioned SXSW showcases to underground gigs so secretive they may as well not even exist -- that it's not easy to figure out which Diffuser.fm free-download alumni are playing the festival.

Nevertheless, we did our best, and below, we've given you a SXSW 2013 Free MP3 Download Starter Kit -- songs by 10 Diffuser.fm-approved artists we're sure are playing Austin at some point in the coming week. All of these songs all excellent -- and, you know, free -- so take 'em with you to Texas on the device of your choice. Or, if you're not going this year, just listen at home, crank the thermostat, crack a Lone Star and pretend you're in Austin, living the dream.

Blank Tapes [Download MP3] [Read More]

Tying Tiffany [Download MP3] [Read More]

Six60 [Download MP3] [Read More]

Erin Mckeown [Download MP3] [Read More]

Hollis Brown [Download MP3] [Read More]

Kinski [Download MP3] [Read More]

Bear Ceuse [Download MP3] [Read More]

Brass Bed [Download MP3] [Read More]

Super Water Symphony [Download MP3] [Read More]

Swear and Shake [Download MP3] [Read More]