When Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney named the Killers as one of his favorite bands, some people started to wonder about the band's politics. Does frontman Brandon Flowers support Romney, a fellow Mormon? The Killers have performed for President Obama at the White House and taken part in fundraisers for Democratic Senator Harry Reid in the past. So just what are the band's political leanings? Flowers says he's not telling.

"We're neutral," Flowers tells Rolling Stone. "We've never really embraced one side or the other, or used our success to really preach like that." When asked about the group's public support for Reid, also a Mormon, Flowers says, "We have a different connection to Harry. Harry knows my Aunt Barbara."

Being neutral seems like the only obvious choice for a band that has different political viewpoints among its members. Bassist Mark Stoermer sounded lukewarm in August when asked about Romney's shout-out. "Anyone’s allowed to like us. If it’s just about music, I guess it’s not a negative thing,” Stoermer said. "He listens to music and happens to like us. That’s fine.”

Stoermer seemed unsure when asked if the group would consider performing in a Romney White House. "We’re not really a political band. And we don’t necessarily have all the same views, but none of us are very politically active anyway. I guess we would be open to it, depending on if and when it happens and what it was about."

The Killers performed for Obama in 2010 on the South Lawn of the White House, but that was for a non-political 'Salute to the Military’ event. If Romney does become president, his wife Ann may want to watch her back if the band makes a visit. In 2010, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. groped First Lady Michelle Obama -- accidentally, he claims.