The Walkmen sure seem to be enjoying their time in 'Heaven.' The veteran New York indie rockers have issued a video for the track 'The Love You Love' from their latest album, which dropped back in May. This clip follows the nostalgia-filled video for 'Heaven,' which has already become a fan favorite.

The Sean Pecknold-directed 'The Love You Love' video is a bit more artsy than its predecessor. Kicking off with a reverse-motion video loop playing over a soundtrack of Velvet Underground-inspired blues jamming, the song proper kicks in at 1:30 with back-and-white footage of a young boy in a creepy house full of desolate stairways and -- for some reason -- Chinese cat figurines.

The boy watches Walkmen singer Hamilton Leithauser singing on an old-timey TV, with sparklers sparkling away around him unleashes his powerful voice. The boy wanders the house, Leithauser sings on the TV and pretty soon the boy seems to transforms into the older star, with the sparklers sparkling around him, too. Mysterious!

The Walkmen recently announced dates for a tour that hits the road Sept. 12 in Los Angeles. Check out their itinerary here.

Watch the Walkmen's 'The Love You Love' Video