The Walkmen are earning some of the best reviews of their career for their latest album, the just-released 'Heaven,' but they aren't just sitting back soaking in all the critical praise -- they're making the rounds bringing their music to the people. For instance, the people in attendance at 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' yesterday (June 5), who were treated to a live performance of the new LP's title track/first single.

In an interview with Pitchfork, vocalist and guitarist Hamilton Leithauser said that of all the band's albums, 'Heaven' was "the easiest one to make" -- right down to the recording process, which has often been a tortured one. "On the day we were supposed to finish the record, we finished it. That never happened before," he revealed, despite the fact that "it's a more lush-sounding album, to me. There's much more going on."

Leithauser went on to describe the way the new album's title reflects the band's current state of mind, saying, "We named the album 'Heaven' because we felt it was a very nice and deluded representation of the overall vibe. It's big and optimistic and fun and grand. Everybody's happy doing what they're doing now, we've gotten our crappy little operation into some kind of order, and we're all pretty pleased with it."

After you watch the band's 'Fallon' performance, embedded below, you can read our review of the new album, check out their upcoming tour dates, and watch the official 'Heaven' video here.

Watch the Walkmen Perform 'Heaven' on 'Jimmy Fallon'

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