As Mike Patton and Faith No More continue along with their glorious comeback, I've been feeling nostalgic for some Mr. Bungle. So, I dug up a couple of videos that revisit the days of old, when Patton's Mr. Bungle were up to some weird, weird stuff.

In the interview above, filmed sometime in the '90s, a couple of the fellows discuss a bit about their background, including the proliferation of the Church of the Planet of the Apes. Apparently, this church teaches its followers that they come from the planet of the apes, even though that makes no sense.

They also discuss their love of televangelist Robert Tilton, whose TV show, Success-N-Life, was unavoidable in the 1980s and '90s. They claim Tilton is a great performance artist and a great man, and according to them, he "takes moralism and makes it perfect." Well, it's always good to have role models, I guess.

The video is interspersed with clips from the music video for the song "Quote, Unquote" -- or "Travolta," as those more die-hard Mr. Bungle fans might feel it should be called. (The track was initially released under the surname one Mr. John Travolta. But a quick legal scare convinced them to change the song title.)

And because we don't want this Throwback Thursday to be too weird with Mr. Bungle's interview, here is some concert footage from 2000. It should cleanse your palate if needed: