Former Blink-182 honcho Tom DeLonge, who recently severed ties with the remaining two members of the iconic pop-punk trio, recently released an album via his own label, To The Stars..., titled To The Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends. The album was believed to have been comprised of songs that could have possibly ended up on the next Blink record; today (May 19), the singer-songwriter issued a statement explaining his label's mission and focus.

The statement thanks fans for joining him on his next "adventure" as he currently has worldwide projects in the works that will "aim to create a great experience that pulls you into new worlds that live across music, books, and film." (Let's just hope those worlds don't include aliens.) You can read the full mission statement below:

To The Stars...

He does not mention when his flagship store will open its doors this summer in Encinitas, but customers will be able to meet with DeLonge and his co-conspirators, as well as purchase limited-edition works.